Wednesday, May 6, 2009

step 1. character turnaround.

here is a character turnaround of a character i would like to develop. the goal is to make an animated short one day. i think the next step is to make some model sheets of the character in various poses to get a feel of it's personality. once i do i will post them here. hope you dig.
p.s. changed my blog name from "ioblog" to "animployment." i never really liked the old name too much. when i started this thing i always wanted to name my blog something clever. with the state of the economy being the way it is and also working more and more as a freelancer, the new name makes more sense.


jason quinones said...

cool cat daddy-o!

Chris! said...

Awesome, this character would look even better in a toy.

Keelmy said...

Word up Sal!

Well done on the turnaround. It does get a bit hard to see in some places cuz of your watermark (maybe bring the opacity down another 50%).

Keep'em coming

sal iovine said...

thanks jason.

chris! i could only wish for that to happen.

keelmy thanks for pointing that out. i just reduced the opacity on it. didn't realize it was that dark.

Liam said...

hey dude-nice turnaround man-digging the pie eyes on the cat-good to see you posting again, always looking to see more dude-all the best

mikecarloooyeah said...

Wow Sal,
This is really nice. I am glad to see you're working on your own stuff. This is a really nice design. I d like to see some expressions too. Keep it up.

Greg said...

Really great turnaround!

Anonymous said...