Friday, April 18, 2008

super mouthful

i can't get over how good super smash bros brawl is! the whole concept of nintendo characters beating the living *ish out of each other is amazing. kirby and meta-knight (not pictured) are so badass it's not even fair playing as them. oh well can't wait for mario kart wii in a couple of days. thanks for stopping by as always!
oh btw is anyone hiring? my freelance is going to dry out soon. ( imagine if this works?... lol )

Thursday, April 10, 2008

huggies commercial

cold hard flash posted an article today about a huggies commercial that i worked on about two months ago. i have to say that the commercial looks excellent given the short amount of time everyone had to work on it. i was responsible for creating the mouth library for all the characters and designing all the props. congrats to all the talented people who worked on the project. big ups to mike carlo (character design, animation) and dan forgione (animation) who headed the project for bringing me on board. i would work with you guys any day of the week.

Friday, April 4, 2008

cool news

so about two weeks ago i was approached by the iphone dev team in regards to the steve jobs caricature that i did way back last year . they wanted to use the image for their iphone pwnage tool which is a program that allows iphone users to install custom software onto their iphones. i kindly granted them a creative commons license. the tool went public yesterday for mac users and windows users can expect a version in the next couple of days. the recent traffic to my blog and the amount of emails about the image have been overwhelming (over 5,000 hits and counting). i would just like to extend my thanks to iphone dev team for including a link to my blog inside the software credits and also on their site. for more information about the tool visit their site iphone-dev team. here is a screen capture to a video that is floating around the net. i was told that the text that my jobs is saying is "surprise" in russian. lastly, i created a youtube channel five months back to host videos. the sole purpose of the channel is to create silly vlogs about my work and also to respond to some of my friends around the globe who make video vlogs on the net. be sure to click the subscribe button on my youtube page to stay in the loop. new art next week. thanks for stopping by new and old viewers. (^_^)