Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cafe Expensive!

it has been a while... i know.
whew... by now i am sure the whole NYC animation industry knows what happened on monday at a particular animation studio. ( if you dont know you live in a bubble.) NYC ANIMATION IS A JOKE and the artists are the punchline!! all i can say about the matter is that i have never worked with such a talented group of people in my life. i am grateful for that. i am still fighting the shock. what a shame. i am going to be posting links of some of the artists i worked with in the next couple of days so be sure to check them out. being unemployed will fill the great void that i have left on this blog. (shout out to big al, thanks for pushing me!)

anyways... about this post.
about two weeks ago two friends (mike carlo and bob fox) and I went to cafe metro to buy some vitamin water. now .. i understand that these chain food stores in manhattan can be downright expensive but cafe metro took it to the next level. we spent $3.00 + tax on some stupid ass water that i could find at a local bp in staten island for $1.00. the funny part about the whole thing was that we the lady at the register was not phased by our reaction to the price. rather than do the right thing and demand our money back we stood there dejected and walked away with our $3.25 vitamin water. this was the story that inspired these designs -enjoy.