Friday, August 31, 2007

You Seek Yoda! You Seek Yoda!

i am not such a fan of the prequel trilogy but the only thing that lucas got right were the scenes in episode III that had chewbacca and yoda sharing some screen time together. the part where yoda climbs chewbacca's back was so awesome. it still gets me two years later. i thought it would be fun to have these two together again for a blog post. 
-enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 24, 2007

"Stick 'em Up!"

ok the past two months have been pretty busy for me. i've been trying to get as many freelance gigs as i can and so far so good. i just finished a project for that should be on the internet soon and before that i was helping a friend designing backgrounds for an animated pilot that he is going to pitch. on top of all that, i just got back from Barcelona, Spain after spending two amazing weeks there with the lovely "GF". thats the 2 month recap. not posting a single thing in two months is a very terrible thing. almost embarassing. for those of you who have been checking out this blog looking for new stuff i apologize. i am working on not making this a habit.

about this post:
i wanted to draw a cowboy for some time now and i also wanted to mess around with corel painter X. this is what i came up with. i think i am going to continue to learn painter because its a really awesome program. (tip: painter is a big memory hog so make sure you have enough RAM in your computers!) hope you like this one! thanks for stopping by.

UPDATE: finally got around to add more links. check these talented mofo's out!