Thursday, October 25, 2007

Child's Play


here is a rendition of charles lee ray also known as chucky! i know this might sound a bit crazy to all you horror fan-boys out there but child's play is hands down my favorite horror flick of all time. my cousin made me watch it as she was babysitting me when i was 8 years old. i will never forget coming home and making my mom throw out my "my buddy doll" in order to get me to sleep. maybe next year i'll do a bad ass version of chucky with his stitched up face. (bride and seed of chucky) oh.. almost forgot they are going to remake the original child's play and give it a complete reboot. that is what inspired me to do this.

PART 2 of this post will be posted on halloween. so check back soon.
"hideeee-ho ha ha ha!"


mikecarloooyeah said...

Sal drawing= Awesome
CHilds play reboot= Not awesome

I love how the gap for remaking movies is 18 years or less these days.

Gr8Ball said...

love the doodle but... seriously. chucky? my fav. horror classic is definitely texas chainsaw massacre. the original, that is. not this new garbage with jessica biel.

i mean child's play was definitely better than the sequels they put out, for sure...

keep up the good work sal glad to see you post more often than i do these days...!


aw....look at the adorible child with the scarred face and the knife..... WHAAAAAA!!!!...

That movie was punished by its own sequels... but, jennifer tilly needs work I guess.


Celebdisher said...

chucky will kill u all oh and i had to do that wit my my buddy doll mostly because its name was chucky and it had long red hair and a striped shirt and overalls