Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Welcome to My Blog!

welcome all to my blog. working in the animation industry the past 3 years has introduced me to many talented artists. most of these artists have their own websites and now their own blogs. so i figured what the hell i should try this myself. my personal intention for having this blog is to grow creatively through your comments and feedback and also by being inspired to create all the time. i feel that by using blogger i will be able to post stuff that i probably would not post on such as loose drawings, rough sketches and even the process of tackling a new idea. i have no idea who is reading this right now but please feel free to check my website and my myspace (links to the right of this post) if you want to know more about me.finally i would like to say art is a process. sometimes this process takes a lifetime to perfect. my goal is to get better and better with each post.i am still learning. -enjoy

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